Welcome to the Turkey Bucket  web site!

Cooking a turkey under a bucket is great fun if your entertaining, barbecuing, camping out, or just looking for some good clean family fun.  Although is sounds a little unconventional, cooking a turkey under a bucket is very easy to do, and is nearly fool proof.  Also, preparing the turkey for cooking and watching it cook becomes a great conversation point for you and your guests.  Finally, the results are always more fabulous than expected and are a real crowd pleaser!

At this site we share what we've learned about this novel alternative cooking method.  We invite you to check out the cooking supplies or instructions, and the photo album web pages.  If you decide to give cooking a turkey under a bucket a try, you may find the most difficult part of the process to be finding a suitable "turkey bucket" or a hickory stick  If so, checkout the need a bucket? web page and you'll find bucket supplier info and a source for other supplies.


Warning:  The cooking method and instructions outlined on this web site have come from the accumulated experience of many amateur cooks.  The instructions have not been tested nor approved by any private or government food safety agency.  Our results have been a great treat - proceed at your own risk.