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Bucket Supplier #1 - see second and third suppliers below!

These are plain, but not bare, steel buckets - they have absolutely no galvanizing!
These bucket are not galvanized but are painted on the exterior only with a light rust inhibitor only on the inside.
The paint and rust inhibitor coatings must be removed and the bucket cleaned before initial cooking use.
It is recommended to place the bucket in a fire before initial cooking use in order to be sure all manufacturing oils and paint are burned off.

Lab Safety Supplies Inc.
PO Box 1368
Janesville WI USA 53547-1368

6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

24 hours a day, every day

Item#  12983
Product:  Grey Steel Pail 5 Gallon (unlined, order without lid)
~$20 with shipping

Bucket Supplier #2 - see first supplier above and one below!

These are the same buckets as supplier #1.  Prep them the same as detailed above.

BA- Industrial Products

Rte 1 Box 100, Bunch, OK 74931
Phone 918-696-5998--Fax 918-696-5999

Order Standard Steel Pail:

5 gal. Pail
2.6 lbs.

Stainless Steel Drum ? - if your serious your about turkey bucket!

5 gal.
5 lbs.
* Call

Check with BA Industrial for shipping cost.

Bucket Supplier #3 - if your serious about your bucket!

These are stainless steel buckets.  They need do not need the prep as detailed above.

Cabela's Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Gear

Rte 1 Box 100, Bunch, OK 74931
Phone 1-800-237-4444

Order Stainless Steel Boiling Pot  - 22quart size:
Order number CA-51-1957-002

Hickory Stick, etc. Supplier -!

If you need a hickory stick, naturally we suggest checking with your local hardwood supplier.

If your really get stuck, you can order a hickory axe handle* at your local hardware store or from the link below.  Amazon also carries items of interest like hickory smoker chips, grill gloves, cook books, and more!

* Before cooking with the axe handle/hickory stick, you'll have to cut the axe handle to length and sand off any sealer or vanish that comes on the handle.

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